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Nick Moody

Intentional, energetic, and grounded - these are the characteristics that have been shaping Nick Moody since he first stepped into the music industry at the age of 11. As the kid that he was, he co-hosted Thunderdome Radio for an audience of 30,000 people worldwide. Later on, Nick grew to become a versatile contributor to the electronic music scene and played a significant role in the development of Amsterdam’s Warehouse Elementenstraat. This was followed by his involvement in Reaktor, Lofi and Ratherlost where he is active to date behind the scenes focusing on community and creative direction.

Over the years, Nick developed an inherent view on techno which he began to express artistically in 2021 through the pursuit of a DJ career. This soon resulted in debuts at Boiler Room, Unpolished, and his beloved Warehouse Elementenstraat. Today, Nick hones his craft from his studio in Berlin, translating his vision into a deep yet uplifting sound that evokes a holistic sensation of collective involvement on the dance floor. With a personality moulded by electronic music culture since his formative years, Nick is shaping the future while respecting the past - inviting dancers on an introspective journey towards our primal roots of unity, movement, and sound.


Resident advisor